Veterans Addiction Recovery & Rehabilitation

We help veterans who suffer from addiction, PTSD, chronic depression and adjustment disorders. We are dedicated to empowering the members of our military community. The Veterans Choice Program through the VA, allows veterans to choose us.

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Evidence-based practices

Cali PARC offers a wide range of treatment options for those who have fallen under the influence of substance abuse. We utilize a combination of evidence-based practices and courses to ensure the highest chance of success for our clients.

First-rate Facility

Our spacious, and first-rate rooms aren't the only thing to base your decision on. We offer top-notch service in every aspect of our facility. Our rooms, staff, amenities and therapy selection is all selected and tailored to each individual client we have.


Our Story

The California Palms Hotel was formerly a full-service hotel in Austintown Ohio. After losing two brothers to addiction, the owner converted the luxury hotel, to the California Palms Addiction Recovery Campus.

The Palms provides the best possible environment for recovery. Each room has a private bathroom, a 50-inch flat screen TV with DVR and access to cable. Indoor amenities include a full-service gourmet restaurant, exercise rooms, billiards room, theater room, band stage, multiple community and group rooms and a 40 person hot-tub spa for aqua therapy. Outdoor amenities including an amphitheater, sand volleyball court, torch-lit patios, beach sand area, gazebo and nearby walking/bike trail.

Our multi-disciplinary team of state licensed behavioral health professionals hold masters degrees and are mainly veterans with personal addiction recovery experience. We provide a variety of individual and group sessions relevant to addiction, mental health, life skills, vocational goals and positive thinking. We focus on evidence-based psychosocial interventions depending on the level of addiction and level of care, intensity, and focus of treatment. We also incorporate physical fitness programs in our group sessions each day with Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, yoga, boxing, strength training, water aerobics and moving meditation. We also incorporate family reunification into recovery in a welcoming fun environment.

The Palms focuses on evidence-based psychosocial interventions and use the evidence-based approach for treating veterans developed by SAMHSA in its manual Substance Abuse Treatment For Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders. We also are guided by the evidence-based VA Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Patients with SUD. The Palms also use the most recent Patient Placement Criteria of the American Society of Addiction Medicine that define residential levels of care, admission criteria, staffing models, assessment dimensions, intensity, focus of treatment services, and treatment review guidelines. The Palms includes PTSD therapy in its program, with individual counseling and a veteran garden program by neurologist Holly Magiano, M.D. The Palms is also developing a PTSD therapy dog program, equine therapy program, and building a sensory deprivation tank.

At the Palms we divide therapy into eight segments: (1) providing quality addiction therapy with sustainable results, (2) providing long-term mental health treatment, (3) providing vocational assistance to get the veteran back to productive work, (4) integrating family into recovery, (5) incorporating peer support into recovery through AA, HA, NA and Smart Recovery, (6) making recovery sustainable, through physical fitness and good nutrition, (7) indoctrinating positive affirmations, and self-esteem into recovery, and (8) providing sustainable aftercare through connectivity with the Palms staff and facility.

The Palms is a place where veterans can celebrate recovery together in a trusting, comfortable, safe and sober environment. Once a VA doctor diagnoses a veteran with substance use disorders and/or mental health issues, if inpatient treatment is unavailable within 30 days, or within 40 miles of the veterans residence, the Veterans Choice Program allows the veteran to choose our facility. If a veteran so chooses, the VA forwards the information on the diagnosis to Veterans Choice Program. The Veterans Choice phone number is 1-866-606-8198, their fax number is 855-300-1705. We are then notified with an authorization for the services. The Palms also provides scholarships for free care from veterans who need inpatient treatment but may not qualify for the veterans choice program or other VA programs.

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