Dr. Daniel Winkle, MD, teaches an eight-week evidence-based program, Mind-Body Skills Group for healing psychological trauma and stress. Dr. Winkle is certified to teach the program from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Published studies show 80-90% reductions in PTSD after taking the Mind-Body Skills Group. The program gives veterans a variety of different strategies to cure PTSD including breathing, meditation, guided visual imagery, biofeedback, self-awareness, dance, self-expression in words, drawings and movement in classroom sessions in supportive, small group experiences.


Service canines are a treatment aid for PTSD. Our in-house program provides each warrior with a hands-on training program with professional canine trainers. Each dog utilized in the program is carefully selected and extensively trained to become a service dog for a veteran. The Palms philosophy is to involve the veteran in the training of their new service canine partner, allowing the veteran the opportunity to be part of the solution to their recovery. Our canine trainers and kennels are overseen by professional canine and combat veteran, Adam Holcomb of the Palms, in conjunction with Kathy Miller and Karen Lutz of Elite K9. The Palms holds the highest quality of service dog training and overall canine care.


The Palms is affiliated with Earth Angel Farm, a non-profit organization which supports veterans in an agricultural setting. Earth Angel Farm was established through the efforts of Dr. Holly Maggiano, M.D. a local neurologist, and other health care professionals and agriculture experts. Earth Angel Farm reconnect veterans with a purpose in their lives, with healthy living and healing.



Guitar lessons and guitars are provided to veterans at the Palms. We bring lessons and guitars to our veterans and continue sharing the healing power of music with deserving heroes across the country.



Raemelton is a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic riding for veterans in an association with the Palms. Raemelton provides equine assisted activities and therapies to individuals with mental, physical, emotional, social and sensory disabilities. The unique bond formed with the horse also can improve interpersonal relationships for those with psychological and/or emotional disabilities.