How We Are Different

California Palms specializes in inpatient care for veterans with substance use disorders and mental health issues. With a capacity of 250 inpatient beds, we are the largest rehab facility exclusively for veterans in the country. We specialize in treating combat veterans with PTSD and overlapping health conditions including addiction to heroin.

California Palms uses the evidence-based dual diagnosis to treat veterans using Substance Abuse Treatment For Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders developed by SAMHSA. Our independent licensed counselors provide one-on-one counseling along with the typical group counseling. Our therapy includes a horticulture program run by Neurologist Holly Magiano, M.D. and includes off-site therapy at Earth Angel Farms. Our PTSD dog therapy program is run by Karen Lutz of Elite K9 and provides veteran with severe PTSD with their own PTSD dog, whom they train and keep upon graduating from the Palms. Rick Stephan, Ph.D. and Daniel Epstein, M.S.Ed., run the neuro therapy department which includes state of the art evidence-based neurology department that includes a sensory deprivation tank, hyperbaric therapy, and infrared sauna.

At the Palms we use the holistic approach by dividing therapy into eight segments: (1) providing quality addiction therapy with sustainable results, (2) providing long-term mental health treatment, (3) providing vocational assistance to get the veteran back to productive work, (4) integrating family into recovery, (5) incorporating peer support into recovery through AA, HA, NA and Smart Recovery, (6) making recovery sustainable, through physical fitness and good nutrition, (7) indoctrinating positive affirmations, and self-esteem into recovery, (8) and providing sustainable aftercare through connectivity with the Palms staff and facility.

Our veterans deserve evidenced based therapy with positive outcomes. They deserve a treatment center where they can be with only military persons. They deserve to have a CHOICE of where they want to go to treatment, just like non-military people do. They deserve the best and that's what California Palms offers.