Acupuncture Therapy


Dr. Andrea D'Amato, a state licensed acupuncturist and chiropractor,  is trained in acupuncture and uses acupuncture therapy to heal addiction, trauma and stress. Acupuncture has also been highly effective in relieving patients of certain withdrawal symptoms associated with detox, including nausea and reduction of minor acute pain. Chronic pain causes people to overuse and abuse painkillers to the point of addiction. To break this cycle, patients at California Palms are educated on numerous drug-free pain management techniques, like acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice dating back thousands of years, acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles in specific locations on the body (and at various depths), including in several key pressure points. Many continue to experience pain relief from acupuncture.



Chiropractic Therapy

One of the lingering withdrawal symptoms patients often suffer from in rehab is intense neck and back pain. These aches can range from mild to extreme pain and have a large impact on a patient’s success in addiction rehab. At California Palms we want our patients focused on getting better and turning their lives around, not on their lingering pain. Pain doesn't have to prevent you from healing. To combat this issue, Dr. D’Amato, a licensed chiropractor, helps ease our patients’ pains. Chiropractic care has not only been linked to the reduction of chronic pain, but also to improved sleep, flexibility, posture and mood.


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