California Palms Veterans Addiction Recovery

California Palms Recovery Campus which is designed specifically to support the VA and its mission to provide quality substance abuse and behavioral mental health treatment to the men and women who sacrificed nearly everything while fighting to defend our relatively pleasant and enjoyable lives. If you are a combat vet, thank you! We can never repay you for what you have done for us. If you are a combat vet and a trauma survivor battling an addiction we want to help you. We are determined to helping restore the life you would have had, had you not gone to war on our behalf. Find out more at or call us at 1-844-29Palms.

The Veterans Administration has a total of 900 Behavioral Health beds – 900
3 million Americans go to war
500,000 have emotional disorders
300,000 have PTSD
the VA has 900 beds

Is it any wonder that combat vets are 10 times more likely to be addicted to opiates and 15 times more likely to commit suicide?

This low capacity is not the VA’s fault. The responsibility lies with “We the People” – our government is short-changing the very citizens they sent to war and this injustice must stop – now!