Dining Room


The California Palms believes in maintaining a healthy diet as an integral part of holistic recovery. The Palms dining amenities promote wellness by offering three balanced meals daily that focus on clean-eating in a peaceful dining environment. Our menus are created weekly with an emphasis on healthy meals.

Our goal is to help patients develop a lifelong plan for healthy eating. Once patients start eating right, they gain more and more energy and are better able to process the symptoms that accompany withdrawal. Proper diet combined with exercise helps quicken the body’s transition back to normal health. It also helps patients gain better control of their bodies and physical appearance, providing an added benefit to those that suffer from issues of low confidence and poor self-esteem.

Facilitating Healing through Sound Nutritional Habits

Many patients fail to realize the profoundly important role that proper dietary habits play in the recovery process and that the chemicals found in processed foods can affect both their physical and mental well-being.

Real-Life Benefits of Proper Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle is important for anyone, but particularly those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Research shows that a healthy diet can ease some of the complaints in early recovery (e.g., digestive issues) and repair nutritional deficiencies that are common among addicts. Regular exercise promotes quality sleep, boosts energy and provides an overall sense of well-being. Diet and exercise are also vital relapse prevention tools.

We accept insurance from Veterans ChoiceCignaAetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Humana, and Medical Mutual. Payments plans from Prosper Healthcare Lending or My Treatment Lender. Travel to/from our Location may be covered by various sources. Contact the CALIFORNIA PALMS at (800) 262-3742