Veterans Residential Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

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Travel to and from our Ohio location is covered by various sources


The Palms offers long term inpatient treatment from drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues. After being assessed, a person diagnosed with substance abuse problems, is provided care according to ASAM Patient Placement Criteria with the least restrictive treatment plan possible, depending on specific needs. Duration of inpatient rehabilitation is customized to meet the specific needs of the veteran.

The Palms residential inpatient program is designed to improve the veteran’s ability to structure and organize the tasks of daily living, stabilize the individual’s substance use disorder symptoms, to develop and apply sufficient recovery skills, and to develop and practice prosocial behaviors such that imminent return to substance use upon transfer to a less intensive level is avoided.

The Palms residential inpatient treatment program is based on evidenced based therapies such as motivation enhancement therapy, 12-step therapist led counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family/significant other involvement. The Palms residential inpatient treatment program has variable lengths of stay/duration based on the veteran’s needs and desires.

The Palms residential inpatient treatment program includes a range of cognitive, behavioral and other therapies administered on an individual and group basis; medication management and medication education; counseling and clinical monitoring; random drug screening; planned clinical activities and professional services to develop and apply recovery skills; family therapy; educational groups; occupational and recreational therapies; art, music or movement therapies; physical therapy; and related services. Comprehensive, multifaceted treatment is also provided to individuals with psychological problems.

The Palms residential inpatient services for co-occurring disorders in a 24-hour treatment setting is appropriate for individuals whose primary problems involve emotional, behavioral, cognitive, readiness to change, relapse, or recovery environment concerns. Intoxication, withdrawal, and biomedical concerns, if present, are safely manageable in a 24-hour treatment setting. The California Palms’ residential inpatient care in a 24-hour treatment setting meets the Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Services level of care found in ASAM Level 3.5.


Travel to and from our location in Northeast Ohio is covered by various sources. If you or a loved one is seeking substance abuse or mental health therapy, contact California Palms at 330-935-2663.  We accept various forms of insurance including: Veterans ChoiceTRICARE, Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and Medical Mutual. We may also provide full or partial scholarships for free care on a case by case basis.

(330) 935-2663

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