Strength Training Program


Lifting weights has recovery benefits, it restores the brain’s balance of “happiness-inducing” chemicals like dopamine, which drug and alcohol abuse disrupts. Exercising douses the brain with dopamine. Our fitness rises, and our mood rises, too. In recovering addicts, there’s an added benefit with lifting weights and physical activity by returning the dopamine levels to pre-abuse heights. Many recovering addicts suffer also from insomnia, and weight training helps reboot the body’s sleep cycle over time.

Healing through Fitness and Exercise

Recovery Fitness workouts are designed to activate the neuroendocrine response (responsible for the “runner’s high”), which can help ease depression, anxiety and other issues. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may also minimize drug cravings, serve as a positive distraction and is a beneficial way to structure the day without using drugs or alcohol. 

Integrating Fitness into Everyday Life

Recovery Fitness empowers clients to be self-sufficient and in control of their health after they leave the program. Most workouts take one hour and rely on medicine balls, dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands and other equipment that can easily translate to life at home.

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