VA Community Care Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment

VA Community Care Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment
VA Community Care Eligibility & Requirements
Following approval for community care, one of the following 6 conditions must be met:1

The veteran requires a service that isn’t available at a VA medical center.
No full-service VA medical facilities are located in the veteran’s home state.
The veteran is “grandfathered” in under VCP eligibility (lived more than 40 miles away from the nearest VA medical center on June 6, 2018 and continues to live in a location that meets that criteria). In addition, the veteran would need to reside in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wyoming; or live in a different state, had received care between June 6, 2017, and June 6, 2018, and need care before June 6, 2020.
The VA is unable to provide care within specific standards that have been designated. This means further than an average 30-minute drive and/or a wait time that exceeds 20 days to be admitted to a VA rehab center.
It is in the best medical interest of the veteran to see a community care provider rather than receiving treatment at the VA.
A specific service line at the VA isn’t meeting standards for quality based on certain conditions.
After a veteran’s eligibility is verified, they can either work with VA staff to find an in-network community care provider or find one independently using the VA Facility Locator.1

Once a provider is chosen, an appointment can be scheduled directly or with the assistance of VA staff.1 Notify a VA staff member of the appointment so that a referral can be sent to the provider and the veteran and so the required medical records can be forwarded to the provider.